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Pizza Base Take Away Cooking Instructions

Hungry and don't know what to eat?

Sick of rice and Thai food every day?

Well, we've just introduced our pizza bases.

Just add things out of your fridge or open a can of tuna and chuck the toppings on the base.
Let it cook on highest temperature in a small oven for approx. 5 minutes.

Presto! Enjoy your 'eat at home' gourmet Italian style pizza.

You don't even need to leave the house to enjoy one of the most praised pizzas available in Korat.

Order a minimum of 20 bases and we make them fresh in the morning. Pick them up later and put in your freezer for months to keep.

If you want smaller quantities, they will be only available pre-frozen, so you will need a cooler bag to get them back home into your freezer without defrosting completely.

The bases are individually packaged for your convenience.

Price is B60 per base for quantities up to 20. (Discounts for larger quantities).

Call 08 0152 6381 to order.

Don't know the famous taste of our pizzas yet?

We offer a complimentary slice of our pizza for you to try before you buy.

Just come into our restaurant and quote the code PIZZA BASE for a free slice of hot pizza.

Try Our Famous Italian Pizza For Free

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